Build a test track

It has been noted that a small 18.83 test track would be beneficial to many members of the North London Group. In addition, many new members would find a small test track a real confidence booster to getting something running in P4. To get this project off the ground and encourage members to 'have a go', the Committee wants to help in this build by providing the following:
  • Kit for baseboard – approx 3'6" long, 9" wide;
  • nickel-silver rail, copperclad & RTR track;
  • Loan of any gauges/jigs;
  • A Templot track plan;
  • Mentoring/demos on date to be confirmed. A 'get you started' day/evening.
(Electrics will be covered later.)

Contact Clive Burrows at a meeting for more infomation or help on this project. First build commencing with pictures to follow.